Manufacturing + e-commerce, ShenShan leading acoustics company focuses on the online economy

2024-01-09 15:37

recently Shenzhen BBS Electronics Co., Ltd.

(referred to as "BBS   Acoustics")

BBS official micro-mall 2.0 officially launched

The number of participants on the day of theevent was 22,000

Not only created for consumers

A feast of consumption on the cloud

It is also a BBS acoustic channel

The beginning of a new direction

Also for Shen-Shan manufacturing enterprises

Create independent brands through new e-commercemodels Provided new ideas


BBS Acoustics is a well-known electro acousticproduct manufacturer and audio solution provider in China, and is also aspecialized and innovative enterprise in the industry. The products have widelycovered the fields of stage performances, government and enterprise commercialuse, education and training, family entertainment, personal entertainment,Internet celebrity live broadcast and other fields.

BBS Acoustics’ P series entertainmentspeakers

Be the first to participate in this micro-mallonline promotion

"Selling Crown"

The product is exquisite, fashionable andportable.

Suitable for family, camping, team building,live broadcast, etc.

Various usage scenarios

Make it the "darling" of consumers


Consumer Ms. Li successfully grabbed a P6portable speaker for 999 yuan. This product is sold at the BBS Tmall officialflagship store for 3,599 yuan. “I’vealways wanted a portable speaker to take with me for outdoor camping, but Ididn’t expect to be able to get it at such a favorableprice. It’s such a surprise,”Ms. Li said with a smile. ,

"E-commerce is an important developmentopportunity for traditional manufacturing companies. It can bring companiescloser to the market and consumers, and brings opportunities for traditionalmanufacturing companies to cultivate brands." Head of e-commerce at BBSAcoustics Jing Tao said that BBS Acoustics launched BBS official micro-mall 2.0on the occasion of the company's 22nd anniversary, hoping to expand onlinesales channels and enhance brand influence through new e-commerce models.


It is understood that in July 2021, BBSAcoustics was completed and moved to the BBS Science and Technology CulturalIndustrial Park in the Shenshan Special Cooperation Zone, which expanded thecompany's production and research and development sites. A series of acousticproducts "fully blossomed" and the high-end brand "BBS ACOUSTICS"was successively released and P series entertainment speakers.


At the same time, combined with the automobileindustry in Shen Shan, we aim at the car audio and video market and"move" the full set of professional KTV software and hardware intothe car. There is no need to connect to mobile phone music playback software,any point in the high-definition music library, stereo quality sound effects,and a different car KTV experience. .

May this year

Initiated by BBS Acoustics

2023 Acoustic Industry High-Quality DevelopmentConference

Developed more than 50 new customers

Develop 10 core partners

The total amount of newly signed intended ordersis approximately 300 million yuan

Expand the company's visibility and influence incross-border industries


"If there is no need, there will be noproduction. When manufacturing and e-commerce collide, different sparks will besparked." The relevant person in charge of the District Science,Innovation, Economics and Services Bureau said that the connection betweene-commerce platforms and industrial belt enterprises can help enterprisesimprove their understanding of the relationship. The ability to respond to theterminal market and accelerate transformation and upgrading.

It is understood that at present, thedevelopment of e-commerce in Shen Shan is focused on developing onlineplatforms on the enterprise side and building comprehensive service points onthe rural side. The leading effect of the enterprise end is beginning to show,and the rural end is focusing on e-commerce live broadcast training to help thesales of agricultural products.


ShenShan will support the exploration anddevelopment of more new e-commerce models

Empowering mass production and distributioncompanies to gain insights into new consumption needs

Expand new consumption scenarios

Achieve effective expansion and bettersatisfaction of new consumption

Using e-commerce economy to serve manufacturingand

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