Share and build together, the 2023 BBS Acoustic High-Quality Conference was grandly held

2024-01-09 15:23


From May 18th to 20th, the 7th ShenzhenInternational Brand Week Shenshan Special Cooperation Zone theme event-2023Acoustic Industry High-Quality Development Conference was grandly held at theShenshan West Convention and Exhibition Center of Shenzhen Shenshan SpecialCooperation Zone. People from all over the country Partners, strategicpartners, industry elites, supply chain partners, and representatives from allwalks of life gathered together for an in-depth discussion and exchange on thefuture of the acoustic industry.

Wang Yankui, Secretary of the District Party WorkingCommittee, said in his speech that the acoustic industry, as a strategicemerging industry with a high concentration of innovative elements, is closelyrelated to the industrial layout of ShenShan and has broad developmentprospects for integration, sharing and joint construction. It is expected thatthe participating entrepreneurs will seize the opportunity, build consensus,achieve mutual success with ShenShan, and seek high-quality development together.


With the theme of "Integrating top and bottom,sharing and building together", this conference focuses on brand buildingand high-quality development of the acoustic industry. Zhao Kaiqian, chairmanof BBS Acoustics, said in his speech that brand is a comprehensive reflectionof a company's competitiveness, and building an independent high-end brand isthe focus of the company's future development. High-quality development is notonly the primary task of building a modern socialist country in an all-round way,but also a strategic choice for enterprises to respond to changes in the world,the times, and history. BBS Acoustics must be based on the new developmentstage, implement new development concepts, serve and integrate The newdevelopment pattern promotes the high-quality development of the enterpriseitself.


"Innovation is the key to enterprisedevelopment and market success. Core technology is not given by others. Youcannot just follow others, but must strive for self-reliance and dare to makebreakthroughs." During the strategy release session, Zhao Kaiqian,chairman of BBS Acoustics, focused on "innovation" and discussedtechnology from , products, and models were explained in depth respectively,and strategic plans for innovation in these three aspects were released indetail.


"We are practitioners of innovation, and we arealso the beneficiaries of innovation." Zhao Kaiqian said that BBSAcoustics will continue to increase investment in research and development,empower enterprises with high-quality development through innovation, drive thecommon development of the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, andenable high-quality Products and services nationwide and worldwide.


Cross-border integration is also an important topicat this conference, and many cross-field elites have shared their experiencesand ideas. With the concept of cross-border integration, BBS Acoustics deeplyintegrates acoustic technology, products, and solutions with cross-borderindustries such as automobiles, cultural tourism, and outdoor camping, andcontinuously launches innovative and high-quality products. In the future, BBSAcoustics will unite more industries, launch cross-border products and solutionsfor more application scenarios, break traditional boundaries, and create newthinking for development through cross-border strategic implantation, collisionintegration and innovative reconstruction. , new paths and new patterns toachieve high corporate quality and breakthrough innovation.


The new product launch session is a highlight ofthis conference. The BBS ACOUSTICS brand all-wireless conference systemlaunched by BBS Acoustics was unveiled here. This is a major turning point inthe field of professional audio and marks the transition of professional audiosound reinforcement solutions to wireless and intelligent A step forward in thedirection of transformation. At the same time, BBS Acoustics also released theP series entertainment speakers. Their colorful appearance, exquisite andfashionable design, and comfortable and convenient use experience have receivedhigh attention and praise from the attendees.


This conference onthe high-quality development of the acoustic industry has received widespreadattention both inside and outside the industry, with a strong atmosphere ofcommunication and sharing. BBS Acoustics will continue to uphold the concept ofhigh quality, lead the development of the acoustic industry, and provideconsumers with better products. and service.

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