BBS Acoustics brings new products to Beijing InfoComm 2023

2024-01-09 15:07

On July 19, InfoComm China2023 officially kicked off at the National Convention Center in Beijing. As awell-known professional audio-visual and integrated experience technologysolutions event in the Asia-Pacific region, this Beijing InfoComm exhibitionhas attracted many well-known companies in the industry to participate. BBSACOUSTICS and BBS, two brands of BBS Acoustics, have appeared at the exhibitionwith many new products and solutions. It comprehensively demonstrated itsoutstanding technical strength and innovative application capabilities,becoming a beautiful scenery at InfoComm China 2023.



The BBS ACOUSTICS brand made amajor exhibition of the fully wireless conference system, wireless centralcontrol, wireless speakers, wireless microphones, and fully wireless conferencesolutions, which attracted many Chinese and foreign audiences for consultationand experience. The entire system requires no installation, no wiring, nodebugging, no maintenance, is fast and convenient, improves project efficiencyand flexibility of use, and saves time and cost. Products supportpersonalization and modular selection to meet different application needs.Fashionable and intelligent products provide flexible and convenient solutions,giving more possibilities.



The BBS ACOUSTICS FREEDOMwireless sound reinforcement system has also attracted much attention. As thefirst wireless solution of the FREEDOM platform, the entire system is wireless,integrated, and intelligent, enabling simple installation, intelligentdebugging, and rapid application. With the unique advantages brought bywireless, the entire solution can be quickly applied to standard soundreinforcement venues such as conference rooms, classrooms, and training rooms,as well as background music venues such as hotels, coffee shops, andfashionable drinks. At the same time, supporting products can be customizedaccording to usage scenarios and usage needs.


Many of BBS annual new products madetheir debut at the exhibition. The intelligent, stable and efficient productconcepts are very popular. The WX-5000 1-to-N intelligent wireless conferencesystem uses a combination of digital and analog circuit technology andhigh-fidelity circuit design to produce high-quality CDs. For sound effects, upto 12 systems can be used at the same time. Each system can support 128 unitlinkages. It has a built-in lithium battery with a battery life of more than 10hours.

SZ-9000 digital conference system issuitable for large-scale meetings and is unafraid of challenges. It integratesdiscussion, video tracking, sign-in, voting, and voting functions; it can becombined with a dedicated wireless router in a hybrid network to realize thesimultaneous use of wired microphones and wireless microphones in multiplemodes. Multiple functions to easily meet various meeting needs.


BBS Acoustics has alwaysmaintained its enthusiasm and original intention for technological innovation,constantly achieving breakthroughs in the field of acoustics and creatingintelligent, integrated and convenient solutions. In the future, BBS Acousticswill continue to empower thousands of industries and thousands of applicationscenarios with its strong industrial layout and technology accumulation,creating more beautiful, convenient and smart sound solutions for users.


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