BBS Acoustics was selected into the list of Shenzhen “ Specialized, special and innovative” enterpri

2024-01-09 15:04

Recently, the Shenzhen Small and MediumEnterprises Service Bureau announced the list of municipal-level"specialized, special and innovative" enterprises in 2022. A total ofsix companies in the ShenShan Special Cooperation Zone were selected, and BBSAcoustics is one of them. This is the first time that Guangdong has been listedon the list in 2019. After being included in the list of provincial"specialized, special and innovative" enterprises, it was once againincluded in the list of "specialized, special and innovative"enterprises in Shenzhen.


The concept of "specialized, special and innovative"was first proposed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology inJuly 2011, and was included in the government work report in 2022. It hasbecome an important part of my country's promotion of industrial innovation anddevelopment, strengthening and replenishing chains, and has been elevated tothe national strategic level.


"Specialized, special and innovative"enterprises are required to have the characteristics of "specialization,refinement, distinctiveness, and novelty". They are usually leaders inindustry chain segments, focus on deeply cultivating market segments, havestrong innovation capabilities, and have high market share. , a pioneerenterprise that masters key core technologies and has excellent quality andefficiency. Therefore, in terms of qualification certification, the ShenzhenSmall and Medium-sized Enterprise Service Bureau strictly assesses thecompany's scientific research conditions, scientific research investment,scientific research results and product quality.


Over the years, BBS Acoustics has been deeplyinvolved in the field of electroacoustics and constantly seeks technologicalbreakthroughs. More than 5% of its annual revenue is used for scientificresearch and innovation. It has established an acoustic research institute,established a complete scientific research team, mastered a number ofindependent technologies, and obtained invention patents 6 It has more than 130utility model patents, appearance patents and software works. It is a nationalhigh-tech enterprise integrating R&D, design, production and sales.


This selection as a “Specialized, Special and innovative”enterprise in Shenzhen is the recognition and support from all walks of lifefor BBS Acoustics path of independent innovation over the years. It is alsoproof that BBS Acoustic has entered a new stage of development in terms ofinnovative research and technological strength. . In the future, BBS Acousticswill be based in the ShenShan Special Cooperation Zone, continue to expand itsR&D team, increase R&D investment, consolidate the foundation of technologicalinnovation, and use technological innovation to lead the high-qualitydevelopment of enterprises.


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