BBS Acoustics appeared at the Hong Kong Autumn Electronics Fair, sparking a craze with its innovativ

2024-01-09 14:56

FromOctober 13th to 16th, the four-day 2023 Hong Kong Autumn Electronics Show cameto a successful conclusion. As the world's largest electronics show, the HongKong Autumn Electronics Show brings together buyers from all over the world. Asone of the exhibitors, BBS Acoustics appeared at the exhibition with many hotproducts.


BBS Acoustics independenthigh-end brand, BBS ACOUSTICS series product solutions, made its debut at anexternal exhibition. Its stylish design and simple operation have attractedmany foreign merchants and successfully emerged from the industry.


BBS ACOUSTICS fully wirelessconference system

The BBS ACOUSTICS brand made amajor exhibition of the YTON fully wireless conference system, wireless centralcontrol, wireless speakers, wireless microphones, and fully wireless conferencesolutions, which attracted many foreign audiences for consultation andexperience. The entire system requires no installation, no wiring, nodebugging, no maintenance, is fast and convenient, improves project efficiencyand flexibility of use, and saves time and cost. Products supportpersonalization and modular selection to meet different application needs.Fashionable and intelligent products provide flexible and convenient solutions,giving more possibilities.



BBS ACOUSTICS Fly link wirelesssound reinforcement system

The BBS ACOUSTICS FFREEDOMwireless sound reinforcement system has also attracted much attention. As thefirst wireless solution of the FREEDOM platform, the entire system is wireless,integrated, and intelligent, enabling simple installation, intelligentdebugging, and rapid application. With the unique advantages brought bywireless, the entire solution can be quickly applied to standard soundreinforcement venues such as conference rooms, classrooms, and training rooms,as well as background music venues such as hotels, coffee shops, andfashionable drinks. At the same time, supporting products can be customizedaccording to usage scenarios and usage needs.


Pseries portable speakers

Singto your heart's content and travel with joy, BBS P series portable speakersalso made a shining appearance at this exhibition. The integrated design, fashionableappearance and simple control bring a new experience to foreign merchants. Atthe scene, visitors experienced the charm of this product in person and feltthe real sense of a music scene.


Multiple categories, classicsstacked up

In addition to hot products andsolutions, this exhibition also showcased new products of the BBS brand inmultiple categories, including the light and shadow series karaoke setsfocusing on home entertainment, the future series of wireless smart productslaunched for various high-end entertainment venues, and The classic productPA-1 wireless performance system.



As an important event in the Asian electronicsindustry, the Hong Kong Autumn Electronics Show has attracted the attention ofelectronics manufacturers and consumers from all over the world. BBS Acousticsdemonstrated its innovative achievements and forward-looking thinking in theaudio field at this exhibition, demonstrating its leading technical strength toglobal consumers. In the future, BBS Acoustics will continue to be committed todeveloping more innovative audio products to bring consumers a better soundexperience. Let us look forward to BBS Acoustics bringing more surprises to theaudio market in the future!

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