Philips Audio surging supports ShenShan Youth Music Festival

2024-01-09 14:48

From August 4th to 5th, the"Chosen Banders" Shenshan Youth Music Festival set off a music crazeat Luyue Island in the Shenshan Special Cooperation Zone. More than 20 band

sand singers from Hong Kong, Macao and the Mainland presented different stylesof music. Musical works, let’s go on amusic carnival trip to ShenShan. BBS Acoustics carried Philips audioultra-high-standard concert products to help the Shenshan Youth Music Festivalstart with passion.



A mid-to-large performancesound reinforcement solution composed of Philips dual 12-inch full-range linearray speakers, dual 18-inch subwoofer speakers, dual 12-inch stage monitorspeakers and other equipment helped Shenshan Youth Music Festival, singingpassionately over 50,000 square meters The three-meter-long Luyue Island lawnmeets the sound amplification needs of more than 3,000 people at the scene,allowing the audience to follow the music beat, briefly "escape from thecity" amidst the roar of sound waves, dance to their heart's content andrelease happy dopamine.





BBS, a local Shenzhen band from BBS   Acoustics, made their first performance atthis music festival, bringing original songs with local characteristics such as"Shenzhen People Are Here" and "I'm Waiting for You inShenzhen". At the same time, there are also wonderful performances bywell-known singers and bands such as Li Xingliang, Bi Xia, and Chen Leji. Theyuse wild and uninhibited rock music to ignite the midsummer night in Shenshan,filling the music fans with happiness and releasing their youth with a surgingattitude.



Music + Tourism, BBS Acoustics helpsShenshan Culture and Tourism explore new models of out-of-circle. Under thegeneral trend of cultural and tourism integration, Shenshan Youth MusicFestival creates Shenshan's characteristic youth music culture IP, shapesShenshan's characteristic youth culture label, and innovates Art empowers thepossibility of a new path for rural revitalization, allowing young people tofall in love with Shenshan, integrate into Shenshan, stay in Shenshan, andbuild Shenshan under the influence of Shenshan's diverse music culture.


This year's performance market isparticularly hot. In the first half of 2023, there were 193,300 commercialperformances (excluding performances in entertainment venues) nationwide, ayear-on-year increase of 400.86%; the number of audiences was 62.2366 million,a year-on-year increase of more than 10 times. Faced with such a huge marketgrowth, BBS Acoustics will comply with market demand, continue to innovate anddevelop more market-competitive audio products and complete solutions, andcreate beautiful sounds for more music-loving friends.

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