"Infinite future, travel with your music" Philips Professional Entertainment 2023 new product launch

2024-01-09 14:40


On March 6, the Philips Professional Entertainment2023 New Product Launch Conference was held in the BBS Technology and CultureIndustrial Park. Zhao Kaiqian, Chairman of BBS Acoustics, and Zhou Xuantao,General Manager, together with the Philips Professional Entertainment marketingteam, discussed new technologies with more than 30 partners from all over thecountry. Thinking, new products, new solutions, new models.



At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Zhao Kaiqiantook the stage to deliver a speech, extending a warm welcome to partners fromall over the world, and delivered a keynote speech focusing on"co-construction and sharing". The BBS Acoustic Industry Platformwarmly welcomes those with ideals, abilities, and ideas. partners, worktogether to promote a win-win development strategy of brand co-building,product co-research, market co-creation, and resource sharing, furthergathering strength and strengthening development consensus.


In 2023, Philips professional entertainment products andstrategies have been completely adjusted to be more "forward-looking andtargeted". At the same time, the products have been greatly improved inperformance and quality, with multiple styles, multiple scenes, and multiplefunctions to meet market segmentation. To meet the consumer demand, we use ourcontinuously enriched and upgraded product matrix and innovative design anddevelopment to provide a strong guarantee for the development of the terminal market.



Stay upright and seek breakthroughs, and focus on starting a new journey.The theme of this meeting is ""Infinite Future, Walk with YourVoice". This is a footnote to Philips Professional Entertainment's buckingthe trend after three years of accumulation, and it is also a permanent sourceof sustainable development.

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